Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Title Email Address
Beth Ackroyd Reading Specialist [email protected]
Elizabeth Albritton ELL Teacher [email protected]
Daniel Amato Wellness and Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Hana Bernstein Special Education Liaison [email protected]
Jackie Bevacqua Teaching Assistant  [email protected]
Sheila Blomquist Bookkeeper [email protected]
Joanna Caliman ELA Teacher [email protected]
Kayla Caneja ELA Teacher  [email protected]
Jaclyn Carlson Teaching Assistant [email protected]
Adam Cavalier Teaching Assistant [email protected]
Tammara Ceaser Assistant Principal  [email protected]
Michael Ciccolella Social StudiesTeacher [email protected]
Susan Connerney Cafeteria Manager [email protected]
Bethany Kothapalli ELA Teacher [email protected]
Shaugn Crowe Teaching Assistant [email protected]
Chris Dancy Science Teacher [email protected]
Alanna DelRose Special Education Liaison [email protected]
Drew Dorsey Social Studies Teacher [email protected]
Jessica Downey Principal [email protected]
Katie Downing Teaching Assistant [email protected]
Maggie Dunleavy Social Studies Teacher [email protected]
Jonathan Ernst Head Custodian [email protected]
Melissa Fahey Secretary  [email protected] 
Allison Flores Music Teacher [email protected]
Kristy Fredericks Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Randi Garon Social Studies Teacher [email protected]
Jack  Gately Teaching Assistant [email protected]
Tammy Ghizzoni Curriculum Coordinator [email protected]
Jonathan Glover Math Teacher [email protected]
Jen Grant Science Teacher [email protected]
Jon Grant Wellness and Physical Education Teacher [email protected]
Erin Halligan Special Education Liaison [email protected]
James Harmon ELA Teacher [email protected]
Paula Hartigan-Patey Special Education Liaison [email protected]
Karen Haynes Special Education Liaison [email protected]
Mark Healey Curriculum Coordinator [email protected]
Abbe Hocherman Literacy Coach [email protected]
Julia Hundley Speech Pathologist [email protected]
Catherine Iatesta Music Teacher [email protected]
Linda Keller Program Assistant [email protected]
Gwen Kalian Math Teacher  [email protected]
Tamara Keough Science Teacher [email protected]
Brooke Kessel Curriculum Coordinator [email protected]
Marissa Krantz Art Teacher [email protected]
Paul Liner Math Teacher [email protected]
Erin Mack Technology Integration Specialist [email protected]
Marissa Maki Adjustment Counselor [email protected]
Barbara Manley Math Intervention/Technology Teacher [email protected]
Patricia McNamara Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Steve Miller Science Teacher [email protected]
Sarah Leftin Math Teacher [email protected]
Joanna Murphy Math Teacher [email protected]
Mary Murphy Wilson Reading Teacher [email protected]
Perry Nardone ELA Teacher [email protected]
Victoria Neale Teaching Assistant [email protected]
Whitney Nelson Teaching Assistant [email protected]
Julie Pickard Lead Secretary [email protected]
Madison  Raso Special Education Liaison [email protected]
Trina Reinach Science Teacher [email protected]
Mary Ricci BCBA  [email protected]
Nicole Rice Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Elyssa Schneider Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Mark Smith Music Teacher [email protected]
Dina Spiropoulos Special Education Coordinator [email protected]
Dana Sullivan Nurse [email protected]
Maureen Trowbridge Social Studies Teacher [email protected]
Elizabeth Vaccaro Librarian [email protected]
Elizabeth Welburn Curriculum Coordinator [email protected]

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