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It is increasingly important for all students to develop a firm understanding of scientific methods, content and skills.  We aim to provide all students with the content and skill set for viewing their world and communicating solutions as they make informed decisions about their environment, use and production of resources, and development of systems and products that will best serve the world's changing societies.  Through a variety of lab investigations and experiments, case studies, inquiry opportunities, class discussions, and presentations, students will better understand the integrated nature of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields.

Earth and Space, Life and Physical Sciences, as well as Technology and Engineering principles, are continually integrated throughout sixth, seventh and eighth grades.  An emphasis is placed on relating the various principles, practices and concepts to real life and multiregional experiences.  Development of effective communication (reading, writing, speaking and listening), problem solving, laboratory techniques, and study skills are important objectives of the science program.  The integrated, spiraled approach of the curriculum ensures that students develop and apply the skills for approaching new challenges and decisions with a scientific mindset and framework. 

Thus, in accordance with the new standards, students in each grade have ample opportunity to:
• Ask questions and define problems
• Develop and use models
• Plan and carry out investigations
• Analyze and interpret data
• Use mathematical and computational thinking
• Construct explanations and define solutions
• Engage in argument from evidence
• Obtain, evaluate and communicate information

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Science Coordinator, 6-8
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